Call to the International Community

Find out how to help flood victims during this challenging time

Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, located in the far south of Brazil, is among the cities affected by heavy rains that have caused the region's worst flood in history.

Since the beginning of May 2024, when the climatic event escalated, we have already counted more than 150,000 people affected by the flooding. Throughout the state, this number rises to 2 million, encompassing 400 affected cities.

Not only densely populated residential areas have been devastated in Porto Alegre, but also numerous businesses, small and large enterprises that are pillars in generating thousands of jobs. Additionally, other parts of the city, which escaped the floods, are now facing shortages of clean water and electricity. The city's logistical systems have been severely disrupted, resulting in immediate shortages of water, food, medicines, and even essential services like medical care. The state's main airport is out of operation, with no defined date for its reopening.

About Porto Alegre

Founded in 1772, the city stands out as one of the main economic centers in southern Brazil, with a diverse population of approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. With its 252 years of history, Porto Alegre is recognized for its commerce and services, being the birthplace of major companies such as Gerdau, Évora, Renner, and Neugebauer. Moreover, it is known for excellence in medicine, with renowned hospitals and healthcare professionals. Culturally, it is a hub of artistic expressions and boasts important universities. With a welcoming atmosphere and social diversity in its more than 80 neighborhoods, it has over 700 squares and parks, standing out for its urban infrastructure and varied gastronomy.

How to help?

The Porto Alegre City Hall is mobilizing all available resources to provide assistance to the affected population, counting on a solidarity network formed by civil society and various Brazilian public and private institutions contributing with efforts and resources.

The capital of all Gauchos has been accommodating a significant number of climate refugees, through a great effort to shelter more than 15,000 people resulting in the creation of 163 temporary shelters referenced by the Municipality of Porto Alegre. The spaces have been managed by the municipal administration, partner entities, organized civil society, and citizens in an unprecedented chain of solidarity and humanity.

However, this is also a moment to look towards the reconstruction of our city. Paradoxically, we are faced with an opportunity to incorporate the best global practices in urban innovation and sustainability into our resilience plan.

Therefore, we request not only the emergency contribution of all those who can collaborate to meet our immediate needs but also technical support to plan the reconstruction of our city.

International monetary donations can be made using the following bank account details:

IBAN: BR48 0036 0305 0282 2000 0713 361C 1
CPF/CNPJ: 92.963.560/0001-60
Account: 2822 0006 000000071336-1
Swift Code: CEFXBRSP

The allocation of all humanitarian funds will occur transparently, being audited by internal and external control agents.

Questions and suggestions?

Please contact the Porto Alegre City Hall via email:

Follow updates on the official social media channels of the Porto Alegre City Hall